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Milwaukee Menu

  • Vegetable Samosa3.50

    Crispy fried triangular pastry, stuffed with seasoned mashed potatoes green peas, mint, cilantro and a touch of curry leaves for freshness.

  • Qeema Samosa3.50

    Crispy Fried Triangular pastry, stuffed with minced juicy beef tossed with chopped cilantro, onions, mint, and a blend of spices for the right amount of balance.

  • Shrimp Samosa3.95

    Triangular pastry, filled with chunky shrimp sautéed in a light seasoning with a hint of green onions.

  • Punjabi Samosa2.50

    Hand made pastry wrap, stuffed with spicy chunks of potatoes peas and chilli.

  • Vegetable Pakora4.95

    Sliced Onions, peppers jalapenos and cilantro mixed in a seasoned gram flour batter deep fried for a nice crispy texture.

  • Paneer Pakora5.95

    Thin sliced onions, peppers, and cilantro, battered in a special seasoning of gram flour.

  • Chicken Pakora5.95

    Curly Seasoned fried made to golden brown perfection topped with lots of home made chat masala. Served with Ketchup.

  • Fish Pakora5.95

    Deep fried cubes of tilapia, battered in a special seasoning of gram flour for a crispy yet soft feel in every bite

Choice of Naan, Roti or Paratha


    Red hot chiken boti wrapped inside of a Paratha with lettuce and caramelized onions. Chatnee served on the side

  • GYRO ROLL 5.95

    Chunks of Juicy gyro meat stir fried with onions and chilli garlic sauce wrapped in a Paratha with lettuce and cucumber sauce to balance the heat.


    Minced and skewered beef kabab wrapped inside a Paratha with lettuce and caramelized onions. Chatnee served on the side


    Minced and skewered chicken kabab wrapped inside a Paratha with lettuce and caramelized onions. Chatnee served on the side


    Thin strips of tenderized beef wrapped inside a Paratha with lettuce and caramelized onions. Chatnee served on the side

  • Frontier CHICKEN ROLL 5.95

    Tandoori flavored chicken strips with caramelized onions and lettuce.

  • Grilled Tilapia Roll6.95

    Grilled Tilapia fillet wrapped with lettuce onions and chutney.

  • Special Chicken Karahai13.95

    Boneless chicken cubes made fresh in a wok. Fried in ginger and garlic with tomatoes, flavored with special karahi masala. Topped with cilantro and jalapeños.

  • Chicken Karahai11.95

    Bone in chicken, cooked in a tomato and onion sauce seasoned with Special Kahrrai masala, Topped with ginger jalapenos and cilantro.

  • Chicken Korma11.95

    Chunks of bone in chicken slowly cooked in an authentic onion and yogurt based gravy with a scent of cardamom and ginger.

  • Chicken Makhani11.95

    Boneless cubes of tandoori chicken baked and tossed in to a delicious creamy, buttery tomato sauce with a touch of garam masala and fenugreek leaves.

  • Frontier Chicken11.95

    Chicken Strips marinated in a juicy tandoori masala, Stir fried on a grill top with onions, peppers, ginger and cilantro. perfect for meat lovers.

  • Chicken Sixty-five11.95

    Crispy fried cubes of Chicken in a Zesty red tomato sauce with scent of curry leaves and jalapeneos.

  • Chicken Handi11.95

    Boneless Chicken cubes cooked in butter with tomatoes, onions and fresh cream, unique flavors of ginger and jalapeno served with plenty of sauce to dip in with.

  • Palak Chicken11.95

    Flavored pieces of chicken cooked with spinach and tomatoes with a scent of fried garlic.

  • Special Mutton Karahi13.95

    Small pieces of mutton made fresh in a wok. Fried in ginger and garlic with tomatoes, flavored with special karahi masala. Topped with cilantro and jalapeños.

  • Mutton Korma12.95

    Tender pieces of mutton, cooked slowly to extract all the flavors then braised in a yogurt and onion based curry with a scent of cardamom, ginger and cloves for a spicy yet subtle flavor profile.

  • Bhuna Gosht12.95

    Bone in mutton cooked slowly in a blend of onion and tomatoes, mixed with yogurt and seasoned with whole garam masala for a spicy, sweet and savory kick of flavors. Topped with cilantro, jalapenos and ginger for a fresh vibe.

  • Palak Gosht12.95

    Bone in mutton made fresh in a wok with ginger and garlic blended with spinach, onions, tomatoes and butter with a nice creamy and spicy finish.

  • Goat Paya9.95

    A unique type of stew made from goat bones with flavors of ginger and jalapeños

  • Mutton Handi12.95

    Mutton cubes fried with onions in a rich creamy tomato sauce with a scent of ginger jalapeños.

  • Lamb Kofta13.95

    Lamb meat balls slow cooked in a tomato and onion based sauce.

  • Brain Masala11.95

    Boiled and fried goat brain in an authentic tomato and yogurt masala with a special seasoning.

  • Mutton Chop Masala15.95

    Tender mutton chops marinated in a heavy masala, slow cooked with yogurt topped with ginger.

  • Tandoori Charga14.95

    Whole Chicken marinated over night in a tandoori masala, roasted for a healthy, tender and juicy perfection.

  • Fry Charga13.95

    Whole Chicken Marinated over night in a tandoori masala, deep fried for juicy and crisp perfection then topped with lots of yummy chaat masala.

  • Paneer Tikka11.95

    Large square cut paneer marinated with the spicy tandoori masala, baked in a tandoori oven on skewers.

  • Reshmi Kabab10.95

    Ground Chicken minced with mint, cilantro, green onions and garlic mixed with a special blend of spices, molded onto skewers and barbecued in a charcoal Tandoor. This item is the juiciest barbecue perfection.

  • Seekh Kabab10.95

    Minced Beef grinded with onions, ginger, cilantro and jalapenos mixed with a special house seasoning and barbecued in a charcoal tandoor made fresh to order.

  • Mutton Seekh Kabab11.95

    Ground mutton minced with ginger, garlic, onions and cilantro, mixed with a special set of spices like turmeric.

  • Bihari Kabab12.95

    Thin strips of beef tenderized and marinated in a heavy Bihari style masala, folded and inserted into skewers then baked in the Tandoor until soft as possible.

  • Chicken Boti11.95

    Boneless chunks of thigh marinated in a spicy red flaming hot tandoori masala, Inserted into skewers and grilled over charcoal for a juicy perfection.

  • Chicken Tikka11.95

    Bone in leg quarters marinated over night in a secret Tikka masala, put into skewers and grilled on fire wood charcoal for the real experience

  • Mutton Chops16.95

    Single cut goat chops tenderized and marinated, barbecued in tandoori oven.

  • Anmol platter 1 $16.95

    Get to sample of the best BBQ items, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Boti, Bihari Kabab, Seek Kabab, Reshmi Kabab.

  • Anmol platter 2$16.95

    Get to sample of the best BBQ items, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Boti, Reshmi Kabab, Grilled Fish & Mutton Chops.

  • Lamb Steak$15.95

    An Anmol special, marinated lightly over night in our secret tandoori seekh masala, grilled and served with a side of rice and sauce.

  • Shrimp Masala12.95

    Shrimp sautéed with an onion and tomato based curry with fresh cream and authentic spices and a kick of curry leaves.

  • Fish Curry12.95

    Marinated and fried cat fish mixed in with an onion tomato and yogurt based sauce with a fresh scent of garlic and curry leaves.

  • Grilled Fish13.95

    Boneless Tilapia fillets marinated in a coriander based masala grilled on a char broiler with a little crisp on the outside and a soft juicy perfection inside.

  • Fish Fry12.95

    Cat fish marinated in a coriander based masala, lightly battered and deep fried for crisp.

  • Mixed Vegetable9.95

    Mix of Beans, Carrots, Peas, Corn and Potatoes Sautéed in a Onion and tomato curry mixed with Cubed peppers and onions

  • Bhindi Masala9.95

    Cut and Fried Okra made fresh with a unique blend of curry mixed with Peppers, Onions and Tomato along with a spicy kick from chilli garlic sauce.

  • Daal Channa9.95

    Split Lentils made fresh in a tomato based gravy with a blend of spices and a scent of fried garlic with curry leaves made fresh to order

  • Palak Paneer10.95

    A unique blend of Spinach with onions, tomatoes, peppers made creamy, buttery and garlicky then topped with fresh paneer.

  • Channa Masala 9.95

    Soft chick peas in a delicious onion curry, flavored with cumin and coriander.

  • Shahee Paneer11.95

    Cubed paneer cheese fried cripy then sautéed in an onion and tomato based creamy sauce added with almonds and pistachios for a rich finish and a blend of spice for the right amount of flavors.

  • Malai Kofta12.95

    Vegetable balls made with paneer cheese cauliflower potatoes peas and carrots, tossed in a rich and creamy onion and tomato based sauce added with some heat to balance out the flavors

  • Paneer Karahi11.95

    Fried paneer made fresh in a wok with flavorful tomato curry and scents of cilantro, ginger and garlic.

  • Daal Makhani9.95

    Soft split lentils sautéed in a creamy onion and tomato based sauce.

  • Aaloo Ghobi 9.95

    Potatoes and cauliflower sautéed fresh in a classic sauce.

  • Nihari11.95

    Boneless Beef Knuckle Chunks slowly cooked till soft and juicy in an onion and flour based gravy with an array of exotic spices. This item is full of juices and full of spices.

  • Haleem11.95

    Braised and shredded eye round, mixed in with as assortment of lentils and barley added with lots of authentic spices for a creamy and spicy finish.

  • Seekh fry11.95

    Finely minced beef, marinated with yogurt and spices cooked till soft and moist with a light BBQ smoked flavor.

  • Chapli Kabab9.95

    Huge ground beef patties mixed with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, ginger, jalapeños and pomegranate seeds along with other authentic spices grilled on a hot plate with a slight crisp on the outside.

  • Chicken Biryani10.95

    Bone in chicken cooked in a sindhi style biryani masala then steamed with layers of basmati rice

  • Mutton Biryani11.95

    Chunks of Mutton cooked in a Bombay style biryani masala then steamed with layers of basmati rice

  • Lamb Biryani11.95

    Hyderabadi style lamb biryani tenderized and marinated in light spices, steamed with basmati rice.

  • Shrimp Biryani13.95

    Shrimp cooked fresh in a biryani masala, steamed with basmati rice.

  • Fish Biryani13.95

    Deep fried then sauteed in a biryani masala, steamed with basmati rice.

  • Vegetable Biryani9.95

    Mix Vegetable steamed with layers of basmati rice topped with paneer cheese.

  • Frontier Chicken Rice10.95

    Stir fried chicken with onions and peppers, tossed with plain rice over a grill for a light barbecue flavor

  • Plain Rice3.95

    Plain basmati rice with an aroma of 5 spices.

  • Butter Naan1.25

    Freshly baked flat bread, Soft and fluffy from the top crispy from the back, topped with butter.

  • Onion kulcha2.95

    Stuffed with Onions and jalapenos

  • Qeema Naan3.95

    Stuffed with ground beef

  • Til Naan1.95

    Topped with sesame seeds

  • Garlic Naan2.95

    Topped with Garlic and cilantro

  • Tandoori Roti1.50

    Flat round bread made with whole wheat flour

  • paratha1.95

    Flat round bread layered and fried with oil

  • Salad1.50

    Lettuce onion tomato cucumber carrots pepperonis.

  • Achaar1.50

    Carrot pickle mixed with peppers, cabbage in a chili masala.

  • Plain Yogurt 1.50

    Dahi Yogurt

  • kachumber1.95

    Yogurt salad mixed with chunks of cucumber tomato onion and cilantro

  • Raita / Chutney 1.95

    Cilantro and yogurt based mild sauce / Tamarind and cilantro based tangy sauce.

  • Shahi Kheer3.50

    Rice Pudding made in high quality milk with almonds pistachios

  • Gajar Halwa3.50

    shredded and glazed carrots mixed with ricotta cheese.

  • Gulab Jamun3.50

    Deep fried brown munchkins in a heavy sugar and cardamom syrup Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

  • Rasmalai4.50

    Soft milk based donuts, in a sweet almond flavored milk syrup.

  • Kulfi1.95

    Topped with syrup served on a plate with cream and nuts.

  • Soft DrinK1.50

    Coca Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, Fanta, Pakola and Diets.

  • Bottled Water1.00

    Nestle pure water

  • CHAI1.50

    Classic Indian tea brewed with milk

  • Mango Lassi4

    Fresh mango pulp

  • Mango shake2.95

    Ice cream and fresh mango pulp

  • Plain lassi2.50

    Mix of dahi yogurt and milk

  • Sweet Lassi2.50

    Mix of dahi yogurt and sweet milk

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