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The story of ANMOL started in 2005 when our founder, Mohammad Patel, decided to do something about the problems being faced by the Halal Food Industry in Chicago. To provide the highest quality of ingredients and Zabiha Halal Meat to the Muslims living in the US, he took the matter into his own hands and built an empire, which comprises of Restaurants, Meat Outlets, Grocery Stores, Distribution Companies, and a SlaughterHouse, under the name ANMOL.



Anmol has quickly become one of the top rated South Asian eateries’ with a highly skilled workforce and owners that have devoted their lives’ to serve their community.



Anmol! It is unique in every sense, from the Barbecue Platers you order when dining in, to the live action stations of Haleem and Jalebi at our Catering Events, you will experience it on every bite.



With 25 years of experience in the food industry, catering is one of ANMOL’s specialties. From epic birthday bashes to memorable weddings, we can do it all!

What Clients Say

Mohammed QadriMohammed Qadri
17:46 16 May 24
Armani HendersonArmani Henderson
21:59 15 May 24
Tash NoorTash Noor
02:58 12 May 24
Debbie GuiscafreDebbie Guiscafre
02:26 05 May 24
Mathew GoeldnerMathew Goeldner
17:30 01 May 24
Food was very good. Would definitely go again.We didn't know the names of the dishes we wanted but we had pictures of previoys meals here & the cashier helped us order.
Arun ChevellaArun Chevella
11:52 23 Apr 24
I just love Chicken Biryani here. Best in City
Dana XiadaniDana Xiadani
02:59 20 Apr 24
Authentic (and delicious 😀) Pakistani food.
Sharon SharonSharon Sharon
03:16 14 Apr 24
Amazing food! Everything was delicious. The service was also top-notch. We will be back.
Kristi M.Kristi M.
20:08 13 Apr 24
Ahhhhh, so much fun! Amazing food, fantastic service, and we even got a good parking space. 11/10, would definitely recommend.
Shahar YarShahar Yar
04:35 11 Apr 24
Aidan RaidyAidan Raidy
01:55 06 Apr 24
The prices are absolutely insane considering they do not give you rice with your curry. Eat somewhere else for less money and actually get rice with your meal. Total and complete rip off.
atika riyaatika riya
19:48 05 Apr 24

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